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By Gotchabeats 26 Mar 2016 04:21 PM Tag: Latest 0 comments, leave your own!

We are Gotchabeats.com (2007- 2016)

We are  Gotchabeats.com (2007- 2016)
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Been helping producers and beat makers since 2007.  Im original owner of the site Gotchbeats.com that was created back in 2007 when there was just a hand full of site for producers to sell their orignal work. And artist too buy orginal works.  And the only site online that paid their members within 24 hour of any beat sales. 


Welcome to the new Gotchabeats, you can sell your original production and get paid within 24 hours. And artist can buy beats from the hotties producers and beat makers online.


check out our original  press release in 2007

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