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Subscription options for givemebeatz Accounts
There are 3 accounts to choose from, here's a
breakdown of the options.
Member Account Producer Account Platinum Subscription
Total Disk Space 3MB 10MB Unlimited
Beat Slots (max) 0 25 Unlimited
Video Slots (max) 2 Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth (A/V Streaming) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
User Friendly URL (https://gotchabeats.com/yourname) Yes Yes Yes
Artist Blogs NO Yes Yes
Playlist Inclusion (By members/artists) No Yes Yes
NEW - Artists Store
(Sell beats from your own store)
No No Yes
Event/Gig Calendar No Yes Yes
Image Galleries Yes Yes Yes
NEW - Producer/Beat No Yes Yes
NEW - Review and comment editing Yes Yes Yes
Guestbook No Yes Yes
Priority Response No No Yes
24 hour Commission No No Yes
Site Search Inclusion Yes Yes Yes
Deep Linking (External MP3/Video Links) No No Yes
Producer/Song/Image Rating Yes Yes Yes
Remote Rating (From external Sites) No Yes Yes
Producer Stats Basic Basic Advanced
Artist Fans (Fans and friends list) No Yes Yes
Featured Producer (Spotlight) No No Yes
Artist EPK (Electronic Press Kit) No No Yes

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subscription plan. Signup here for a free member account.And here for a free producer account.

Platinum Subscription Account
Unlimited beat downloads for 30 days at 1 Beats a day!
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